About Nikky & Bridget

Our Story

We met through our combined passion for health and wellness. On the school grounds picking our kids up each day and during our kids playdates we would spend hours sharing health tips and stories of our own health struggles.

Through these (Nikky has suffered gut dysbiosis, her son with SIBO and both her parents died at a young age from heart disease and cancer. Bridget’s journey involved gut and autoimmune health issues) we supported one another with inspiration and motivation on our own wellness journeys.

We were so passionate in fact, we decided to co-found Nourishing You together. We wanted to share the valuable support, connection and knowledge to help nourish other women on their own wellness journeys. We wholeheartedly believe food and lifestyle are medicine and that every woman deserves to be nourished on all levels.

We get it and relate to the demands that women face today! From raising our families, running our households and for many of us working in careers, we know how hard it can be to find balance. Nourishing you is all about supporting and reminding women how important it is to take better care of ourselves. When we do, we are in a better position to support and care for the ones we love and come from a place of abundance and not depletion.

Nikki Greaves

Hi… I’m Nikky

I am dedicated to helping women achieve lasting health, create balance in a busy world and thrive! I’m a life coach and holistic health consultant and educator.
I’m also a busy mum of three, a passionate foodie and I love raising my family with simple, delicious, nourishing food.

My work involves an integrative approach involving diet, mindset and lifestyle. I look at the whole person and together we work on areas that may be out of balance including relationships, exercise, career, money, diet and more. Unravelling these imbalances is how we get to the root cause behind your health issues and where the real work begins. I help guide and inspire women to take small practical steps that create new habits and rituals which will last a lifetime.

I’m a supportive mentor and love working with women and watching them grow. We have so much going on in our lives, we sometimes forget who we are and what’s important to us. I love to see the transformation in my clients when women realign with their goals, remove barriers and get their lives back on track by achieving what is most important to them. Together we can cultivate a healthy balanced lifestyle, supporting you with motivation, inspiration and accountability.

I don’t prescribe restrictive diets or deprive you of delicious food, instead with easy to follow tools and suggestions, you can create a life you love and evolve into a better, stronger version of yourself.

Bridget Judd

Hi… I’m Bridget

Prior to becoming a PreKure certified Health Coach I was a Physical Education and Health Teacher. Health and wellbeing have always been an important part of my life. I am a Mum to two boys and one of my passions is creating wholesome delicious meals and snacks for my family.

I have a holistic approach to health and wellness focusing not only on nutrition, but also stress, sleep, mindfulness, goal setting and exercise. I love to work with a wide range of clients and am passionate about helping women to make positive food and lifestyle choices so they can live their best lives. I have a special interest in autoimmune and gut health concerns. I believe in using food and lifestyle as medicine to help heal and balance the body from the inside out.

My starting point with all clients is to ascertain your ‘why’, your goals, your concerns and what changes you would like to make in your life. Through personalised 1-on-1 sessions I will guide you to explore tools and solutions to work with your lifestyle that you can continue to use in the future. I will be your biggest cheerleader! We are in this together and I want you to succeed and have the best life you can full of energy and vitality.

“There is no better investment than to invest in yourself”.

“Thank you Nikky for helping me shift my mental wellbeing which has ultimately brought me back to life and made me feel like a different person, like myself again! You encouraged me to set goals and achieve these by breaking down barriers and focusing on what was most important. I value your guidance, passion and inspiration and have loved the pace of our wellness program. Making small changes has really made it easier to implement new rituals, ideas and changes that will be with me forever. No fad diets here!
I’d recommend you to anyone, specifically women who feel battered by the hectic pace of daily life (juggling work, kids, finances, themselves) and need someone to help lift them up. Thank you for showing me I can be better, stronger and more resilient than ever before. I’m eating better, prioritising exercise and learning how to really care for myself again.
This new me eats organic, can cook healthy easy food for my family, meditates, juices and more. The new me is pretty AWESOME!”


“Bridget helped me focus on two areas of my life that were important to me. One being maintaining a healthy mindset with food. The other gaining more insight to my daily frustrations and how to overcome them. Her approach to nutrition was practical, super encouraging and very supportive. She challenged my thinking about some of my attitudes around food “fomo”. She helped shape my thinking about a healthy diet for not only myself but my family. Sharing some of your ingrained thoughts about lifestyle can be deeply personal and Bridget was sensitive and collaborative in her style of coaching. She gave me some really great practical tips to overcome some daily frustrations. She kept me accountable which I loved while I developed some new habits. I now finish each day feeling more accomplished and ultimately happier. Book some time with Bridget you will really value her expertise.”